India vs England 1st Test Cricketing Spectacle: India Dominates England on Day One

Cricket enthusiasts witnessed a thrilling display of skill and strategy on the opening day of the Hyderabad India vs England 1st Test. The Indian team, led by stellar performances from Ravindra Jadeja, Ashwin, Axar Patel, and Jasprit Bumrah, showcased their prowess by bundling up the english side for a total of 246 runs in just 64.3 overs.

The Bowling Brilliance: India vs England 1st Test

Ravindra Jadeja’s Magical Spell

In the India vs England 1st Test, in a mesmerizing display of spin, Ravindra Jadeja weaved his magic in 18 overs, claiming an impressive four wickets while conceding a mere 88 runs.

Ashwin’s Commanding Presence

The seasoned spinner, Ashwin, complemented Jadeja’s brilliance with a noteworthy performance, securing three wickets and conceding only 68 runs in his 21 overs.

Axar Patel’s Crucial Contributions

Axar Patel joined the bowling fiesta, adding to England’s woes by clinching two wickets for a meager 33 runs in his 13 overs.

Jasprit Bumrah’s Dual Triumph

Jasprit Bumrah showcased his versatility, claiming two successful wickets and conceding 23 runs in a stellar 8.3-over spell in the India vs England 1st Test

The Battle at the Crease

Opening Gambit

Jack Crawley and Ben Duckett initiated a bold offensive, confronting the formidable pairing of Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammed Siraj. The duo, known for their relentless pace and precision, posed a challenging opening for the English batsmen. In the face of their skilled adversaries, Crawley and Duckett took on the task with aggression, setting the tone for an intense battle on the cricket field. The clash between the bat and the ball became the focal point as these two English players aimed to establish dominance against the formidable Indian bowling attack.

Crawley’s Resilient Knock

Crawley’s resilient innings of 35 runs, featuring 7 boundaries off 39 deliveries, set the stage for England, reaching 55 before his departure.

Root’s Lap Sweep

England’s batter, Joe Root, attempted a daring lap sweep, adding spice to the contest. However, R. Ashwin’s clever delivery strategy dismissed Root early in the India vs England 1st Test.

Struggles and Setbacks

Pope’s Challenge

Ollie Pope faced a challenging task against the relentless Ravindra Jadeja, resulting in an outside edge catch by Rohit Sharma at slip.

Malan’s Deceptive Dismissal

A deceptive delivery from Ashwin caught the edge of Dawid Malan’s bat, leading to a safe catch by Mohammed Siraj. England found themselves struggling at 60 for 3.

Post-Lunch Drama

Axar Patel Strikes

After lunch, Axar Patel struck early, dismissing Jonny Bairstow with a fuller-length delivery that dislodged the off-stump. Bairstow departed for 37, and England faced their fourth wicket loss at 121 runs.

Jadeja’s Triple Triumph

India vs England 1st Test, Ravindra Jadeja continued his rampage, claiming a third wicket by sending Joe Root back to the pavilion after a valiant innings of 29 runs.

The Tail-End Tussle

Wood’s Slog-Sweep Misery

Mark Wood fell victim to Axar Patel’s enticing full-length delivery, attempting a slog sweep. England’s hopes dwindled at 137 for 6.

Bumrah’s Diving Catch

Jasprit Bumrah showcased his athleticism with a diving catch, dismissing Rehan Ahmad in the 49th over.

Stokes’ Resilient Knock

Ben Stokes displayed resilience, contributing a commendable 70 runs from 88 deliveries, including 6 fours and 3 sixes.


The opening day of the Hyderabad India vs England 1st Test, unfolded as a captivating cricket spectacle, with India asserting its dominance over England. Stellar performances from Jadeja, Ashwin, Axar Patel, and Jasprit Bumrah showcased the depth of India’s cricketing prowess. As the series unfolds, cricket enthusiasts can anticipate more thrilling moments on the field.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How many wickets did Ravindra Jadeja take in the Hyderabad Test?

India vs England 1st Test, Ravindra Jadeja displayed exceptional bowling prowess, securing 4 crucial wickets.

Q: Who contributed the most with the bat for England?

Ben Stokes emerged as the top scorer for England, showcasing resilience with 70 runs.

Q: What was the pivotal moment in India’s bowling performance?

Axar Patel’s early dismissal of Jonny Bairstow set the tone for India’s dominant bowling display.

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