Ind Vs Eng 2nd Test: Yashasvi Jaiswal Unbeaten Marvel in Vishakhapatnam Test

In the Ind VS Eng 2nd Test, at Vishakhapatnam, Yashasvi Jaiswal showcased a masterclass of batting prowess, remaining unbeaten on the first day of the test match. This article delves into the breathtaking details of his innings, highlighting the key shots and pivotal moments that defined India’s strong performance.

Ind Vs Eng 2nd Test

Yashasvi Jaiswal’s Stunning Centurion: Ind Vs Eng 2nd Test

Jaiswal’s innings kicked off with a beautiful cover drive for a boundary in the second over of Root’s spell, setting the tone for a remarkable day Ind Vs Eng 2nd Test. The consistency in his timing and shot selection became evident as he played shots with finesse, including a juicy full-toss dispatched for a boundary in Tom Hartley’s 19th over.

Aggressive Batting Display: Boundaries and Sixes Galore

The 30th over of Shoaib Bashir witnessed a spectacular six in the midwicket direction, and in the 41st over, Jaiswal completed his half-century with a boundary in the extra cover region. His aggressive stance continued with boundaries and a flat six, reaching his century with flair in the 49th over of Hartley.

Milestones and Crucial Contributions:

Jaiswal didn’t stop at a century; he went on to reach 150 runs with a powerful boundary in the 77th over and the 200-run mark with a strong shot in Shoaib Bashir’s 80th over. Ind Vs Eng 2nd Test, Unfortunately, his innings concluded on the last delivery of the 89th over after playing a six over the sight screen. His 179 runs played a pivotal role in India’s dominant performance.

Shubman Gill’s Contribution: A Worthy Mention

Following Jaiswal’s stellar performance, Shubman Gill emerged as the second-highest scorer with 34 runs, contributing significantly to India’s strong showing on the first day of the Ind Vs Eng 2nd Test.


Yashasvi Jaiswal’s unbeaten innings in the India vs. England 2nd Test and the Vishakhapatnam Test stood as a testament to his batting prowess and played a pivotal role in India’s strong performance. The blend of stylish shots, aggressive batting, and milestone achievements made it a spectacle worth remembering.


Q: How many runs did Yashasvi Jaiswal score in the Vishakhapatnam Test?

Yashasvi Jaiswal scored an impressive 179 runs in the test match.

Q: How many balls did Jaiswal face during his innings?

Jaiswal faced 257 balls in his unbeaten inning.

Q: How many boundaries and sixes did Jaiswal hit?

Jaiswal hit 17 fours and 5 sixes during his spectacular inning.

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