India vs England Test 4th Inning Target 399: A Battleground of Skill and Strategy

In the enthralling battle between the cricket giants, India vs England Test, the test match at Vishakhapatnam has unfolded with captivating moments. As the game enters a crucial phase, India finds itself in a challenging situation, having set a target of 332 runs for England to win with nine wickets remaining. The intricacies of the match, from India’s impressive first innings to England’s determined response, paint a vivid picture of the test series.

India vs England Test

First Innings Recap:

India vs England Test In the initial stages of the match, India showcased their batting prowess, amassing a formidable total of 396 runs in their first inning. In response, England faced the heat, managing only 253 runs, with Tom Hartley claiming the most significant scalps, securing four wickets. Rehan Ahmad and James Anderson also made crucial contributions with the ball.

Key Performers: India vs England Test

Ben Stokes and Ravichandran Ashwin emerged as the standout performers, with Stokes showcasing his all-round brilliance and Ashwin’s crafty spin causing trouble for the English batsmen. The tussle between these two players has added an extra layer of excitement to the test match.

India’s Second Innings: An Uphill Battle

As India began their second innings, the challenge was evident. The opening duo faced adversity, and despite a solid start, early wickets created a precarious situation. The team needed a substantial partnership to regain control.

The partnership between Gill and Iyer:

Enter Shubman Gill and Shreyas Iyer, whose partnership became the turning point of India’s second innings. The duo skillfully navigated the challenging conditions, steadily building a partnership that frustrated the English bowlers and provided stability to the Indian innings.

Shubman Gill’s Century:

The highlight of the day was Shubman Gill’s impressive century. His exquisite shots and composed demeanor showcased his class. Shreyas Iyer, on the other hand, played a crucial supporting role, crafting a resilient innings against the relentless English attack.

Fall of Wickets and England’s Bowling Strategy

However, post-lunch witnessed the fall of crucial wickets, revealing England’s strategic bowling changes. The dismissals of Shubman Gill and Shreyas Iyer brought England back into the game, creating a tense atmosphere at the stadium.

Lunch Break Update

At the lunch break, India stood at 130/4, holding a lead of 273 runs. Shubman Gill, having scored his third Test century, was a beacon of hope for India. The match was delicately balanced, poised for an intriguing final day.

Continued Struggle and Late Contributions

Despite the promising start after lunch, India faced challenges with the loss of wickets. The lower-order batsmen, including Bumrah, Patel, and Ahmed, contributed valiantly, ensuring that every run added to the lead and put England under pressure.

England’s Bowling Prowess

England’s bowlers, led by James Anderson, showcased their skill and determination, taking crucial wickets to restrict the India vs England Test. The second inning concluded with India setting a target of 332 runs, leaving England with a challenging task for the final day.

In the captivating saga of the India vs England Test series, the stage is set for a thrilling climax. With the match hanging in the balance, cricket enthusiasts eagerly await the final day’s play, anticipating more twists and turns.


As the Vishakhapatnam test heads towards a riveting finale, the match has been a rollercoaster of emotions, featuring remarkable performances, strategic battles, and nail-biting moments. The final day promises to be a spectacle, with both teams eyeing victory in the India vs England Test. Cricket enthusiasts worldwide are in for a treat as the drama unfolds on the field.


Q: What is the target set by the India vs England Test in the second innings?

India has set a target of 332 runs for England to win in the second inning.

Q: Who were the key performers for India in the match?

Ben Stokes and Ravichandran Ashwin emerged as key performers for India in the test match.

Q: How did Shubman Gill and Shreyas Iyer contribute to India’s second innings?

Shubman Gill scored a century, providing stability, while Shreyas Iyer played a crucial supporting role in the partnership.

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