Mumbai Clinches Record 42nd Ranji Trophy Title: A Triumph of Skill and Strategy

Cricket enthusiasts and fans of Mumbai’s cricketing legacy rejoiced as Mumbai Clinches Record 42nd Ranji Trophy Title in the final clash of the 2023–24 Ranji Trophy season, defeating Vidarbha by a whopping 169 runs. This triumph marked Mumbai’s 42nd title in the prestigious Ranji Trophy, further solidifying their dominance in Indian domestic cricket.

Mumbai Clinches Record 42nd Ranji Trophy Title

The Final Showdown: Mumbai vs. Vidarbha

Setting the Stage

The final match witnessed Mumbai clinches record 42nd Ranji Trophy title, overshadowing Vidarbha’s efforts throughout the five-day encounter. Mumbai’s supremacy was evident from the outset, as they set a formidable target of 538 runs for Vidarbha to chase.

Vidarbha’s Spirited Challenge

Despite facing an imposing target, Vidarbha showcased a commendable batting performance in their second inning. However, their efforts fell short, as they could only muster a total of 368 runs before being bowled out.

Key Players and Performances

Tanush Kotian’s Stellar Contribution

In this crucial encounter, Tanush Kotian played a pivotal role for Mumbai, delivering a remarkable bowling performance that dismantled Vidarbha’s batting lineup. His skillful display of bowling prowess significantly contributed to Mumbai’s success in clinching the title.

Vadkar and Dubey’s Crucial Contributions

Furthermore, the contributions of Akshay Vadkar and Harsh Dubey with the bat further bolstered Mumbai’s position in the match. Vadkar’s impressive score of 102 runs and Dubey’s valuable 65 runs propelled Mumbai towards victory.

Bowlers’ Dominance: Mumbai Clinches Record 42nd Ranji Trophy Title

Mumbai Clinches Record 42nd Ranji Trophy Title, Mumbai’s bowling unit, spearheaded by Tanush Kotian, Tushar Deshpande, and Musheer Khan, exhibited remarkable precision and determination, collectively securing crucial wickets throughout the match. Their relentless efforts restricted Vidarbha’s scoring opportunities and paved the way for Mumbai’s triumph.

Journey to Victory: Mumbai’s Path to Glory

Consistent Performance

Mumbai Clinches Record 42nd Ranji Trophy Title, Throughout the Ranji Trophy season, Mumbai showcased commendable consistency, securing victories in five out of seven matches, with one match ending in a draw and one resulting in defeat.

Semi-final Triumph

In the semi-final clash against Tamil Nadu, Mumbai’s dominance was once again on display as they convincingly defeated their opponents by an inning and 70 runs, earning them a well-deserved spot in the final.

Individual Brilliance

Bhupen Lalwani emerged as the top run-scorer for Mumbai in the season, amassing an impressive total of 588 runs across ten matches. Meanwhile, Mohit Awasthi led the bowling charts for Mumbai, claiming 35 wickets in eight matches, showcasing his prowess as a formidable fast bowler.


Mumbai Clinches Record 42nd Ranji Trophy Title, The Ranji Trophy season serves as a testament to the team’s resilience, skill, and unwavering determination. With a rich cricketing legacy spanning decades, Mumbai continues to inspire generations of cricketers and enthusiasts, solidifying its position as a powerhouse in Indian domestic cricket.


How many times has Mumbai won the Ranji Trophy?

Mumbai has clinched the Ranji Trophy title a record 42 times, showcasing their unparalleled dominance in Indian domestic cricket.

How did Mumbai fare in the semi-final match?

In the semi-final clash against Tamil Nadu, Mumbai emerged victorious by an inning and 70 runs, securing their place in the final.

What was the key factor behind Mumbai’s success in the tournament?

Mumbai’s consistent performance, coupled with stellar individual contributions from players like Bhupen Lalwani and Mohit Awasthi, played a significant role in their success.

Who were the standout performers for Mumbai in the final match?

Tanush Kotian’s exceptional bowling performance and contributions from batsmen like Akshay Vadkar and Harsh Dubey played crucial roles in Mumbai’s victory.

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