Dominant Performance by R Ashwin in the 100th Test Match

In the historic 100th Test match held at Dharamshala, cricket fans witnessed a spectacular display of skill and dominance by R Ashwin in the 100th Test Match, the premier spin bowler of the Indian cricket team. His exceptional performance in this milestone match not only showcased his prowess but also played a pivotal role in shaping the outcome of the game, particularly in the second innings against England.

R Ashwin in the 100th Test Match

First Innings Brilliance

R Ashwin in the 100th Test match was evident from the outset, as he scalped four crucial wickets while conceding just 51 runs in a spellbinding display of spin bowling. With precise line and length, he troubled the English batsmen, restricting them to a modest total of 218 runs. His ability to exploit the conditions effectively and extract turn and bounce from the pitch proved instrumental in putting India in a commanding position.

India’s Commanding Lead

In response, the Indian cricket team delivered a commendable batting performance in their first inning, amassing a total of 477 runs. Their impressive batting display, coupled with Ashwin’s bowling brilliance, secured a commanding lead of 259 runs over England, setting the stage for a R Ashwin in the 100th Test Match in the remainder of the match.

Ashwin’s Impact in the Second Innings

As the second inning commenced, Ashwin once again showcased his skills with the ball, making an immediate impact on the game. In a matter of overs, he dismantled the English top-order, dismissing key batsmen and putting the visitors under immense pressure. His ability to exploit the weaknesses of the opposition batsmen and consistently hit the right areas on the pitch kept England on the back foot throughout their innings.

Key Dismissals and Bowling Excellence

R. Ashwin in the 100th Test Match variations and guile kept the English batsmen guessing, resulting in crucial breakthroughs at regular intervals. His dismissal of Ben Duckett and subsequent scalping of Jack Crawley, Ollie Pope, Jonny Bairstow, Ben Stokes, and Ben Foakes showcased his ability to adapt his bowling strategy according to the situation. Whether it was deceiving the batsmen with flighted deliveries or extracting sharp turns off the pitch, Ashwin’s bowling excellence was on full display throughout the match.

Consolidating India’s Position

As the match progressed, the role of R Ashwin in the 100th Test Match became increasingly crucial in further consolidating India’s position and securing a victory. His relentless pressure on the English batsmen, coupled with his ability to pick up wickets at crucial junctures, proved to be the difference between the two teams. With each delivery, he posed a threat, continuously probing for wickets and keeping the opposition under constant pressure.

Reaffirming: R Ashwin in the 100th Test Match

In conclusion, R Ashwin in the 100th Test Match reaffirms his status as one of the premier spin bowlers in the world. His contributions to the ball not only shaped the outcome of the match but also underscored his dominance in Test cricket. As India celebrates this historic victory, Ashwin’s legacy as a cricketing maestro continues to grow, leaving an indelible mark on the annals of the game.


R Ashwin in the 100th Test Match outstanding performance exemplifies his status as one of the premier spin bowlers in the world. His contributions with the ball were instrumental in India’s triumph over England, reaffirming his legacy as a cricketing maestro. As cricket enthusiasts celebrate this historic victory, Ashwin’s remarkable display of skill and dominance serves as a testament to his enduring impact on the game.


What was R Ashwin’s performance in the 100th Test match?

R. Ashwin delivered a stellar performance in the 100th Test match, showcasing his spin-bowling prowess by scalping crucial wickets and playing a pivotal role in India’s victory over England.

What impact did Ashwin’s bowling have on the match?

Ashwin’s bowling had a profound impact on the match, as he consistently troubled the English batsmen with his variations and guile, leading to crucial breakthroughs at key moments.

What was the significance of the 100th Test match?

The 100th Test match held special significance as it marked a milestone in Ashwin’s career and provided an opportunity for him to showcase his skills on a historic occasion.

How many wickets did Ashwin take in the match?

Ashwin took a total of [insert number] wickets in the match, making significant contributions with the ball in both innings.

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