Rohit Sharma Record-Breaking Century Leads India to Victory in World Cup Thriller

With 90 balls remaining in a gripping World Cup match, India defeated Afghanistan handily by eight wickets at Delhi’s Arun Jaitley Stadium. Rohit Sharma Record-Breaking Century was the star of the show, leading India to a thrilling victory with his incredible performance. Afghanistan had won the toss and chosen to bat first, setting a target of 273 runs for India.

Rohit Sharma Record-Breaking Century

Rohit Sharma responded with an incredible innings that saw him smash 131 runs from just 84 balls, including 5 sixes and 16 boundaries, at an amazing strike rate of 155.95. With this incredible century, Rohit Sharma broke Sachin Tendulkar’s record of six hundred in 44 World Cup matches to become the player with the most centuries in World Cup history. It is noteworthy that Rohit Sharma accomplished this milestone in just 19 World Cup games.

The Road to Victory: Rohit Sharma Record-Breaking Century

The One-Day International (ODI) World Cup was first held in 1975. Rohit Sharma did not play in the 2011 edition, but he went on to show his skill in every succeeding World Cup. Notably, he broke Chris Gayle’s record of 553 sixes in 551 outings to become the top six-hitter in international cricket. It took Rohit Sharma just 473 games to reach this milestone. Ishan Kishan scored 47 runs for India in the match against Afghanistan. Virat Kohli and Shreyas Iyer added 25 and 55 runs, respectively, but they did not lose.

Afghanistan’s Batting

Afghanistan took the field in front of 48,000 spectators at the Arun Jaitley Stadium in Delhi after winning the toss and opting to bat first. India made the interesting decision to start Shardul Thakur in place of R. Ashwin in the playing XI.

In the seventh over, India’s opening bowler Jasprit Bumrah created a significant opening when he bowled a well-directed short delivery that resulted in a catch in the covers taken by KL Rahul. Afghanistan is now at 32 for 1. Afghanistan’s batters, therefore, found it difficult to turn their early wickets into meaningful innings.

Partnerships and Breakthroughs: Rohit Sharma Record-Breaking Century

When Shardul Thakur produced a full-length delivery at the middle and leg stump in the 14th over, Rahmat attempted a defensive stroke but was unable to connect because of the line of the ball. Afghanistan’s score was 63 for 3, and Rahmat was awarded an LBW. Following that, Hashmatullah Shahidi and Najibullah Zadran forged an important alliance, putting up 121 runs for the fourth wicket.

Nevertheless, the partnership was broken by the bowlers from India. After Hardik Pandya bowled a quick short ball in the 13th over, Gurbaaz tried a pull shot but got caught up, which gave Shardul Thakur an unbelievable catch at backward square leg on the boundary rope. Afghanistan stood at 63 for two runs after Gurbaaz scored 21 runs off 28 balls.

Rohit Sharma Record-Breaking Century

Afghanistan’s Battlefront

The way things unfolded meant that Afghanistan’s opening batsmen could not turn their starts into meaningful innings. Rahmat tried to block a full-length delivery from Shardul Thakur at the middle and leg stump in the fourteenth over, but the ball’s line prevented him from doing so. Afghanistan’s score was 184 for 4, and Rahmat was declared leg and wrist wounded.

Shardul Thakur and Hardik Pandya then joined the party. In the 35th over, Hardik Pandya bowled a quick short ball. Gurbaaz attempted a pull shot but was unable to execute it, which allowed Shardul Thakur to make a fantastic catch on the backward square leg boundary. Afghanistan stood at 63 for two runs after Gurbaaz scored 21 runs off 28 balls.


India defeated Afghanistan in a thrilling contest that displayed the bowling strength of India and the genius of Rohit Sharma Record-Breaking Century. One of the most memorable events in World Cup history will be Rohit Sharma’s record-breaking century, which further solidifies his place among the greatest players in cricket history.


Q: How many centuries has Rohit Sharma scored in World Cup matches?

Rohit Sharma Record-Breaking Century has scored the most centuries in World Cup history, with a total of seven centuries.

Q: Who held the record for the most sixes in international cricket before Rohit Sharma?

Before Rohit Sharma the record for the most sixes in international cricket was held by Chris Gayle.

Q: What was the Target set by Afghanistan in the match against India?

Afghanistan set a target of 273 runs for India in the World Cup match.

Q: 5. How did India’s bowlers break the crucial partnership in the match?

India’s bowlers, particularly Hardik Pandya and Shardul Thakur, broke the partnership by taking key wickets during the match.

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