Rohit Sharma T20 Brilliance Ind vs Afg, 3rd T20: A Masterful Display

Cricket enthusiasts worldwide have witnessed Rohit Sharma T20 Brilliance meteoric rise in T20 Internationals (T20Is), where he boasts an unparalleled six Player of the Match awards. In this exhilarating journey, he has outshone cricket stalwarts like Virat Kohli and Suryakumar Yadav, claiming this accolade three and two times, respectively.

Rohit Sharma T20 Brilliance

The Afghan Challenge: A Precarious Start

The third T20 against Afghanistan presented a challenging scenario for India, finding themselves at a daunting 22 runs for 4 wickets within 4.3 overs. The stage was set for a remarkable turnaround, and Captain Rohit Sharma, alongside Rinku Singh, orchestrated an unbroken alliance of 190 runs in 93 balls for the fifth wicket.

Rohit Sharma T20 Brilliance Spectacle: A Batting Extravaganza

Rohit Sharma T20 brilliance innings were spectacular, amassing an unbeaten 121 runs off 69 deliveries. This inning comprised 11 fours and 8 sixes, reflecting a striking rate of 175.36. The maestro commenced cautiously, scoring 28 runs off the initial 34 balls before unleashing a breathtaking display, smashing 93 runs off the next 35 deliveries.

Silencing the Doubters: A Brilliant Response

The initial matches in the series raised concerns about Rohit Sharma T20 brilliance, as he returned to the pavilion early. However, the third T20 witnessed a brilliant resurgence, effectively silencing the critics with a dazzling showcase of batting prowess.

The match faced a pivotal moment at 22 runs for 4 wickets in 4.3 overs, prompting skepticism about Rohit Sharma and Rinku Singh’s ability to resurrect the innings. However, Rohit Sharma’s T20 milestones seized control, smashing boundaries and sixes and forging a partnership with Rinku Singh that turned the tide of the game.

The Decisive Overs: A Symphony of Shots

In the sixteenth over, bowled by Salim Safi, Rohit Sharma’s T20’s best moments play a series of outstanding shots, including a slow delivery outside off slashed towards deep third man for a boundary and a short ball over deep square leg for a resounding six. Although Sharafuddin Ashraf dismissed Rohit Sharma in the twelfth over, he had already reached 98 runs.

Class and Elegance: The Karim Janat Over

The seventeenth over, bowled by Karim Janat, showcased Rohit Sharma’s class. A full toss on the leg side went for a boundary towards square leg, followed by a dispatch over long on for a six. The over concluded with a beautiful slice-over point for a boundary, completing a partnership of 100 runs with Rinku Singh.

The Finish: A Centurion’s Flourish

In the eighteenth and nineteenth overs, Rohit Sharma’s T20 captaincy continued his proficiency, dispatching deliveries for consecutive boundaries and executing reverse sweeps with finesse. The twentieth over, bowled by Karim Janat, witnessed a shot towards square leg for a boundary and a six-over long on, culminating in India finishing at 212/4 after 20 overs.

Leadership Reinforced: Securing Victory

Despite suggestions of replacing Rohit Sharma as captain after initial struggles, his outstanding performance in the third T20 not only secured his place but also reinforced his leadership credentials. The match ended in a tie, leading to the first super over, another tie. The second super over secured victory by 10 runs, completing a clean sweep of the series with a 3-0 margin.


Rohit Sharma T20 brilliance innings in the third T20 against Afghanistan epitomized a masterclass in batting. Beyond anchoring the innings after an early collapse, he showcased an ability to accelerate and dominate the opposition’s bowling attack. This stellar performance highlighted India’s dominance and reaffirmed Rohit Sharma’s T20 batting prowess status as one of the finest T20 batsmen and leaders globally.


Q: Was Rohit Sharma T20 Brilliance century the turning point in the series?

Absolutely. Rohit Sharma T20 brilliance century not only turned the third T20 but also set the tone for India’s clean sweep in the series.

Q: How crucial was Rinku Singh’s partnership with Rohit Sharma?

Rinku Singh’s partnership was pivotal, contributing significantly to the unbroken alliance of 190 runs and turning the game around.

Q: Were there any doubts about Rohit Sharma’s form before the third T20?

Yes, concerns arose after his early dismissals in the first two matches, but his third T20 innings silenced the doubters emphatically.

Q: What impact did Rohit Sharma’s leadership have on the Super Over victories?

Rohit Sharma’s leadership played a crucial role in India’s triumph in both Super Overs, securing the clean sweep.

How will Rohit Sharma T20 brilliance innings be remembered in T20 cricket history?

Rohit Sharma’s innings will be etched in T20 cricket history as a defining moment, solidifying his status as one of the greatest T20 batsmen and leaders.

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