Unveiling BCCI Plan to Reward Test Cricket Players

In the wake of India’s resounding victory against England in the recent test series, Secretary Jay Shah of the BCCI Plan to Reward Test Cricket Players has announced a groundbreaking initiative aimed at incentivizing test cricket players. The series, culminating in a 4-1 victory for India, showcased the team’s prowess on the field, but it also shed light on the need to bolster the commitment of players towards test cricket amidst the allure of other formats such as the Indian Premier League (IPL).

BCCI Plan to Reward Test Cricket Players

The Context: BCCI Plan to Reward Test Cricket Players

With star players like Ishan Kishan and Shreyas Iyer increasingly drawn towards the glitz and glamour of the IPL, there arose a concern regarding the dedication towards test cricket among Indian players. In response, BCCI has rolled out a comprehensive plan to recognize and reward the efforts of test cricketers, thereby reaffirming the significance of the traditional format in the cricketing landscape.

Enhancing Player Earnings

Under the new scheme introduced by Jay Shah, the BCCI Plan to Reward Test Cricket Players, test cricketers in India stand to significantly augment their earnings. Previously, players participating in international test matches earned approximately 15 lakh rupees per match. However, in a bid to elevate the status of test cricket, Shah has outlined a progressive structure where players can substantially increase their earnings based on their performance and commitment.

The Incentive Structure

The incentive structure devised by BCCI delineates clear criteria for players to earn the BCCI Plan to Reward Test Cricket Players:

Tiered Performance-Based Incentives

  1. Base Earnings: Players participating in a full season of test cricket, comprising nine matches, are entitled to a base earning of 15 lakh rupees per match.
  2. Incremental Rewards: Players who play more than 50% of the matches in a season, i.e., 5 to 6 matches, receive an additional incentive of 30 lakh rupees per match.
  3. Maximum Performance Bonus: Cricketers who participate in more than 75% of the matches, i.e., 7 or more matches in a season, are eligible for a premium incentive of 45 lakh rupees per match.

Playing XI Incentives

  1. Starting XI Bonus: Players included in the starting lineup for a match receive the full incentive amount.
  2. Reserve Players: Even reserve players who do not make it to the starting XI but are part of the squad for the match are entitled to a reduced but substantial incentive of 22.5 lakh rupees per match.

Impact of the Initiative

The announcement of this incentive scheme by BCCI marks a significant step towards reinvigorating the allure of test cricket among players. By aligning financial rewards with performance and commitment, the board aims to ensure that test cricket continues to thrive as the pinnacle of the sport.


As India basks in the glory of its recent triumph over England, the BCCI Plan to Reward Test Cricket Players’ forward-thinking approach to incentivizing test cricket players underscores its commitment to preserving the sanctity of the traditional format. Secretary Jay Shah’s visionary plan not only acknowledges the dedication of players but also sets a precedent for prioritizing the essence of test cricket in the modern era.


What is BCCI’s new incentive plan for test cricket players?

BCCI, under the leadership of Secretary Jay Shah, has introduced a comprehensive incentive plan to reward test cricket players in India. This initiative aims to recognize and incentivize players for their performance and commitment to the traditional format of the game.

How does the incentive structure work?

The incentive structure devised by BCCI offers tiered performance-based rewards to test cricket players. It includes base earnings for participating in a full season of test matches, incremental bonuses for playing a certain percentage of matches, and maximum performance bonuses for players who participate in the majority of matches in a season. Additionally, there are incentives for both starting XI players and reserve players.

How will the initiative impact the future of test cricket in India?

BCCI’s incentive plan is expected to have a positive impact on the future of test cricket in India. It reinforces the importance of the traditional format and encourages players to focus on test cricket alongside other cricketing leagues. Additionally, the initiative may attract young talent towards test cricket, ensuring the continued growth and success of the sport in India.

Where can I find more information about BCCI’s incentive plan and its impact on test cricket?

For more information about BCCI’s incentive plan and its impact on test cricket, you can visit The Insider’s Views, where you’ll find insightful articles and analysis on cricket-related topics, including updates on BCCI’s initiatives and their implications for the sport.

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