Aakashdeep Singh: The Rising Star from Bihar, Ready to Shine in Test Cricket

Aakashdeep Singh, a promising young talent from Bihar, is set to make his debut in Test cricket during the Ranchi Test against England. This marks a significant moment in the career of the budding fast bowler as he joins the Indian squad for the crucial fourth match of the Test series to be held in Ranchi. Aakashdeep’s journey has been filled with hardships and challenges, but his unwavering passion for cricket has kept him driven towards his dream.

Aakashdeep Singh

The Journey Begins: Aakashdeep Singh’s Early Life and Struggles

Born and raised in Sasaram, Bihar, Aakashdeep’s love for cricket ignited at a young age, despite facing opposition from his surroundings. His father, Ramji Singh, a government school teacher, initially hoped for Aakashdeep to pursue a stable career, but the young boy’s determination towards cricket remained steadfast.

From Hardship to Hope: Aakashdeep’s Cricketing Journey

Facing resistance from his family and neighbors, Aakashdeep found solace in cricket and joined a local club in Durgapur, West Bengal, with the help of a friend. Despite initial challenges, he diligently honed his skills and earned a modest income through tennis ball cricket matches.

Breaking into Professional Cricket: Aakashdeep’s Rise

Aakashdeep Singh’s talent soon caught selectors’ attention, leading to his inclusion in Bengal’s Under-23 team. He made his debut in T20 and List-A cricket, showcasing his potential as a fast bowler. His consistent performances paved the way for his entry into the prestigious Indian Premier League (IPL), where he represented Royal Challengers Bangalore.

International Call-Up: Aakashdeep Singh Selection in the Indian Test Team

Aakashdeep’s remarkable performances against the England Lions earned him a spot in the Indian Test squad as a replacement for the injured Jasprit Bumrah. His ability to swing the ball and maintain a good line and length impressed the selectors, making him a valuable addition to the team for the Ranchi Test.


Aakashdeep Singh’s journey from the streets of Sasaram to the international cricket arena is a testament to his perseverance and passion for the game. As he prepares to make his debut in Test cricket, he carries the hopes and dreams of aspiring cricketers from Bihar and beyond.


How did Aakashdeep Singh’s journey in cricket begin?

Aakashdeep discovered his love for cricket at a young age, despite facing opposition from his family and neighbors.

Which team did Aakashdeep represent in the IPL?

Aakashdeep played for Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL.

What led to Aakashdeep’s selection in the Indian Test team?

Aakashdeep’s impressive performances in domestic cricket and against the England Lions earned him a spot in the Indian Test squad.

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