On the Second Day of the Hyderabad Test: India’s Innings and Remarkable Performances

The second day of the Hyderabad Test witnessed intense cricket action as India wrapped up their innings at 421/7, taking a significant lead of 175 runs. From key dismissals to remarkable partnerships, this article unravels the day’s highlights.

Second Day of the Hyderabad Test

Jaiswal’s Aggressive Start

Yashasvi Jaiswal set the tone for India with a blazing start, scoring 80 runs off 74 balls, including 10 fours and 3 sixes. Joe Root’s early dismissal couldn’t dampen Jaiswal’s aggressive approach, showcasing his prowess at the crease.

Gill’s Challenge and Exit

Shubman Gill faced a challenging delivery from Tom Hardie in the 35th over, but despite the adversity, he played a shot only to be caught by Ben Duckett. Gill’s contribution of 23 runs off 66 balls added to India’s total, standing at 159/3 after 34.5 overs.

Rahul-Iyer Partnership

KL Rahul took command, forming a crucial 64-run partnership with Shreyas Iyer for the fourth wicket. Their collaboration steadied the innings, demonstrating a blend of skill and strategic play against the English attack.

Rahul’s Heroic 86: Second Day of the Hyderabad Test:

KL Rahul, inching towards a century, displayed exemplary batting skills. However, a mistimed shot off Tom Hardie in the 65th over resulted in his dismissal at 86 runs off 123 balls, featuring 8 fours and 2 sixes.

Jadeja Bharat’s Resilience

Ravindra Jadeja joined forces with KS Bharat, contributing a significant 68 runs for the sixth wicket. Facing 141 deliveries, the duo showcased resilience against the English bowling attack.

Root’s LBW and Ashwin’s RunOut

On the second day of the Hyderabad Test, England’s skipper, Joe Root, attempted a sweep shot against Ashwin in the 89th over, resulting in an LBW decision after scoring 41 runs off 81 balls. Ashwin, later in the same over, fell victim to a run-out after making 1 run off 11 balls.

India’s Lead and Jadeja’s Unbeaten 51

At the close of play on the second day of the Hyderabad Test, India had a lead of 175 runs, with Akshar Patel contributing 15 runs in the final over. Ravindra Jadeja remained unbeaten with an impressive 51 runs off 155 balls, featuring 7 fours and 2 sixes.


The second day of the Hyderabad Test showcased thrilling cricket moments, from explosive starts to partnerships that steadied the innings. KL Rahul’s heroics, Jadeja’s resilience, and the overall team effort placed India in a dominant position. As cricket enthusiasts await the next day’s play, the excitement and drama of Test cricket continue to unfold.


Q: What was the key highlight of the second day of the Hyderabad Test?

The standout moment was KL Rahul’s heroic innings, contributing 86 runs and steering India towards a commanding position.

Q: Who played a crucial role in stabilizing the innings after early setbacks?

KL Rahul and Shreyas Iyer formed a vital partnership, steadying the ship for India in the middle overs.

Q: How did Ravindra Jadeja contribute to India’s total?

Jadeja, along with KS Bharat, added 68 runs for the sixth wicket, showcasing resilience and adding valuable runs.

Q: What led to Joe Root’s dismissal in the 89th over?

Root attempted a sweep shot against Ashwin, resulting in an LBW decision, adding a twist to the game.

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